The Portrait


By Leigh Ann

As much as most of us would not like to admit, not many people I know enjoy having their photo taken.. and it's even worse when we are caught off guard, vulnerable, unguarded and unaware...

This is where the magic happens and this is how most of our loved ones come to know us that are closest to us Not posed, not uncomfortable and rehearsed.

My grandmother absolutely HATES this photo.. her posture, her lack of posing.. as she insists on posing even when I remind her to just 'act natural' !! So catching her off guard was my main focus one evening when she had all the family over for dinner.

I always have my 'go to' seat that is in the kitchen at the breakfast table.. I have been sitting there for well over 33 years now. It used to be the kids table at all our gatherings while the adults would sit at the formal dining room table. So now today, I sit at the 'big' kids table.

As long as I've known her, she has sat at that one spot, at the end of the dining room table, always in clear sight from my seat. I don't know what or why I decided to bring my camera that evening but I did.. and I sure am glad that I did.

I was finally able to catch her off guard, if just for a second.. Long enough for me to capture how I always see her at every meal at every holiday and gathering... Sitting in her chair.

To me, portraits are what we give and leave our loved ones.. They aren't for us to enjoy, so I will try and remember this next time someone takes my photo and I hate it.