The New Norm


It has almost been a month since the passing of Lola. I have been finding inspiration & comfort with Millie in the company of other dogs and their owners.

They say new projects start by finding inspiration in something and taking notice of patterns that start to show up in your work over time. This is where I am currently post-Lola's sudden death. I am still grieving not being able to hold her close or see or feel her near me. I never realized she was so much of what I do and who I am until she was no longer here.

Millie is also missing her that I feel we are finding comfort with one another, so I have been spending much of my free time with taking her to different places that are dog friendly.

During this time, I discovered the BHM Good Dog Bar. It has quickly become a favorite place of mine to not only find comfort but also find inspiration. I always enjoyed taking pictures on walks with Lola and Millie but now that the dynamic has changed, I feel that what I am wanting to photograph has shifted ever-so-slightly.

My hope is to continue to shoot.. If it inspires me, I want to focus on what gets me out there and keeps me motivated on shooting. I realize my work changes as life changes.. maybe my work is changing gears again.. maybe not.

There is no way to tell until patterns continue to show up in my work and this could be months.. but all I know is I trust the process and to listen to my intuition when it comes to photography.