'Skill in photography is acquired by practice not purchase.'

This past Sunday while visiting the Cahaba River, my camera got wet and quit working!! I was devastated!! Albeit, it was my back up camera that probably had close to 300,000 shutter actuations and was becoming quickly outdated by the ever changing technology.. but I didn't care about that. It still had a lot of value to me because it was still capturing memories.. That camera has been in all kinds of places and weather conditions over the past decade, so I knew I was probably on borrowed time with it anyways.

So.. as I unwillingly looked for a new back up camera, it dawned on me how I didn't even know what gear was out there.. I've never been a tech nerd and mostly in the past have solely relied on good lighting and great moments to capture and simplify the photographic form.

After doing some brief reading and price checking, my camera came in the mail this week.. I ended up getting more the same camera I currently shoot with because it is familiar to me.. I can shoot with it confidently and it feels good in my hand.

I was able to somewhat effortlessly set it up the same as my main camera body without much hassle. Albeit, it took a minute for me to find out how to put on tracking with my auto focus when I kept noticing my images were not in focus.. but that was probably the most trouble I had so far.

I am happy so far that purchasing a camera was somewhat effortless for me. I knew what I wanted, needed and was comfortable shooting with.. I did not allow myself to become overwhelmed with all the latest, greatest technology out there and I simplified the whole process by stripping away all the bells and whistles as I just keep it on manual anyways.

Yes, I do agree that technology is there to help make our lives easier but I am also very aware that the eye is the greatest tool you will have when it comes to photographs.