Seeking out the individual in teenagers when the world tries to conform and shape young adults.

There are certain aspects of my work that I strive not to be like the majority of other photographers. Although I have and I can, I try not to emphasize with photographing pretty, colorful, posed or dramatic images of perfection reels and in a way, I feel this carries over to the subjects I seek to photograph when out shooting for my own work.

In order for me to have the courage to walk over to an individual and ask to take their image, they really need to move me and inspire me. The way for me to become inspired and motivated to photograph someone is to seek out someone who shines in their own way.

I am drawn to authenticity as they embrace their individual self and maybe this is why the young adult is something that I take notice of to photograph. I remember my early adult years. This was the year where so many tried to seek out their individual persona as well as try to fit in.

Being a young adult is probably some of the hardest years for many because you want to feel accepted all the while feel like an individual and I am always inspired to see the personality and confidence in today's youth to step out of the box.

We are all individuals, so I feel in order to be noticed in this world, it is crucial to embrace our individual styles and personalities. I do realize that as a society, most people are taught to blend in, want the same things in life, act the same way and dress the same way.. but is this really healthy for the individual?