Sunbelt Glass Co.

a GoDaddy production

My first shoot back with GoDaddy since Covid-19

For the past three years I have been freelancing for GoDaddy's marketing team. When they have a client come up in my demographic, I am asked to go out and photograph their client.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 the photo sessions have been on hold due to the uncertainty and strict business regulations that require either social distancing or a face mask. So fortunately, the company seems to being picking up work again as the world moves forward with the new normal.

SunBelt Glass was a great way to return to work for GoDaddy. The shoot was held in a large, open air and spacious warehouse where social distancing was made easy.

These guys were showing me around shop as I learned about glass cutting. They showed me some demonstrations and the process of cutting glass. I really did enjoy myself and meeting with the employees.