Street portraits

9. 14. 21

Documenting the people in the streets of

Birmingham, Alabama.

I have always had an interest with street and documentary photography but lately, I have really just decided to dive head first with it. I am finally at a place in my photographic career where I can afford to shoot a genre of photography without regarding marketing to the portrait side of photography.

I realize that this style of work is not as mainstream or highly sought after with clients but I have learned that this style of work is more of where my heart and passion is... so I have decided to pursue documentary photography for me, my work and my photography.

It seems as though for over half of my photography career I have been marketing and keeping a safe 'style' in mind that allows me to book and appeal to prospect clients... but when it's all said and done, I have been shooting for years to have my work not seen or noticed by many other than the walls of client's homes.

This is about to change as I redirect my path and focus on my own work and goals with photography. It feels good to have a collection of work that shows who I am and how I see the world. It is through those candid moments of unguarded captures, is when it truly becomes an image I find worth keeping and sharing.

The human element has always captivated me and I find it rewarding to find a way to capture it through the camera.. it's harder than it looks because they are strangers you don't know, you must shoot quickly and in an unobtrusive way and preserve life as you see it.. and that is what makes it so much fun for me!