A grandmother is the living storyteller of a family. She knows your history and where you came from.. She's seen it all. Treasure her always, for she has the wisdom and perspective.

This time last year, my 93 year old grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer. She just had surgery and was home from the hospital. My family and I were coming to terms on the news as we faced reality of what uncertainty the upcoming year would hold for us.

We are thankful to say that she is still with us for this year's mother's day.. although she is not cancer free.. she tells us she has not been in pain.

She is my only living grandparent, so as I've aged, I have come to realize how lucky I am to have her in my life. She is the oldest living relative I have. She has the experience and the wisdom on what life is about.

When life becomes too busy, stressed or I may become sidetracked with distraction on what I think may be 'important'.. she is there to reel me back in and remind me what is truly important in life.

Far too many people are not given the privilege to grow old. So for this mother's day, as many people have distanced themselves from loved ones in fear of the Covid-19 pandemic, my grandmother insisted she see her family. They are her world.. and although she is high risk, she is not promised to be here.. heck, noone is ..

So with caution and distance.. we were there, to show her we loved her and were thinking about her this Mother's Day.