Simple yet Significant


Selecting a moment to capture can be as easy at 1,2,3.. It's about relating to the moment and connecting with it.

Photography is often over complicated and too thought out. Haven't you heard that over planning kills the magic? Have you ever been hired for a job and the client has everything lined up with what poses they want and the clothes they want to change into?

All this is stagnant, lifeless, and only based on the aesthetic of photography. If the client wants only the aesthetic in photography, then over planning works.. but for those who want substance, emotion, life, surprises and timeless moments that will only increase in value as the years slip by. Then don't over plan!!!

Take this image for example. This was taken while I was shopping at the Farmers Market. A young girl was affectionately watching over her baby sister as their mother was shopping for produce. It's a tender moment, a moment that may resonate with many other parents, siblings and care-takers.

It's a universal moment that is simple yet significant and being able to read and understand these moments is where I feel I want to focus my work on. There is substance and real life happening here and that is where the power of photography is for me. I have the ability to stop time, bottle it up and preserve it. It's really a pretty neat concept if you stop to think about photography this way.