A recent documentary session of the Howells.

You may ask yourself.. does LeighAnn still take family pictures? The answer to that is ... YES! If yes.. then you may ask yourself.. how will she approach family sessions with poses, direction, and will there be color since her portfolio consists primarily of black and white film and documentary? In this case, I feel it is most important for clients and prospective clients to understand that most all my family sessions are color but I, personally, prefer black and white because of the timelessness it portrays but I do still accommodate to each individual's needs.

For example, this past weekend I very much enjoyed meeting up with my long time clients.. The Howell Family. I feel these guys have always been super accomodating with balancing my need to document and shoot in my own, unique personal style while also, being mindful of their needs to capture the family.

The full session is a perfect balance of natural poses combined with documenting the children playing. If you are timid about the organic approach to documentary photography and are still wanting those 'safe' shots.. I will always be happy to balance out any session for you.

Communication is key to any successful session and I feel it is important for me to go in a session with the right mindset, in order to grab the shots that you find are important.. all the while, respecting my vision as a creative.