Shaw Building & Supply

Mount Olive, Alabama

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I can tell you that this place is not your typical cookie cut big box store. The building and people are full of character and this small business carries more personality than most come across in a week's time.

Shaw Building Supply is tucked away, off the beaten path on Mt. Olive Road in the small, rural town of Mount Olive. It's just north of Birmingham, which makes it a convenience to and from the city for those who live in the small town.

These fine folks are my family and the employees here are considered an extended family.. Many of them, I have grown up with over the years, having known their kids and now their children's kids.

The old time hardware store has a pet bird that many locals have come to ask about and the old-time nail bin has held a nail or two over the past 40 plus years..

Most importantly, the faces are what make the business what it is today and I'm happy to see our community have a local place to go for any repairs or projects they may have.

It was a real honor to be able to take on this project for my family.. as I hope to continue to document the faces of this place that I call home.