Self Help


By Leigh Ann

I have finally discovered how to have more of a work and life balance and can tell it has helped with the creative process. In the early years, I would easily overwork myself until I had nothing to give and this would create burn out with my work.

The number one thing that has helped me is to not work out of the home! It is too easy for me to just go into the home office and not be able to shut off my work mode.

Another handy trick I discovered that has made photography fun again and that is to find a new hobby! Yes.. as hard as it is to believe, photography is no longer a hobby but has managed to work itself into a source of income... so somehow, carrying my camera around all the time started feeling like work.

In order for me ultimately enjoy photography, I must treat it with respect. Therefore, I have become more selective on what and who I photograph for. I currently limit the weekends that I am available for commissions. This allows me flexibility to enjoy time with my family and my new hobby ( long distance running.) Yes, I am currently training for a marathon.. which requires a lot of early mornings and long weekend runs.

Discovering a nice work balance has honestly taken away a lot of the underlying anxiety I used to have. It has brought me new friends, new activities and just overall a much richer and fulfilling life, which in return, carries over with my work.

Turning down an inquiry is hard at times but I must remind myself that if I don't look after my own well being first, I can't be a hundred percent with others.