SCAC Juried Art Show


I recently submitted a couple of images to the 2021 SCAC Adult Juried Art Show and happy to learn of their acceptance into the show.



There is no better feeling as a visual artist than to have the ability to showcase your work to a larger scale of individuals. This is why I am truly honored that the panel accepted my submissions this past week into the annual SCAC Juried Art Show! It's a positive way to end what was somewhat considered a dreadful 2020!

The two works that were accepted were of rural living.. One is of my dear friend's child, Poss, who I have literally been photographing since her newborn days.. I titled her portrait 'Wildflower'.

The other image that was submitted and selected is from a rodeo I photographed this past summer. It is a portrait of a young bronc rider loading up the horse into the chute. The expression in the eyes instantly captivated me into wondering into his thoughts.

Despite the circumstances.. This past year has been slower yet very rewarding visually for me. I redirected my portfolio and have work that is more than about 'looking good' or 'being pretty'.

My hopes and aspirations with my work is that it will SPEAK to people, move people, make them think or have them daydream into the image. It's not always about pleasing you from an aesthetic perspective.