Saving myself to save my photography


The return to shooting for me helped reunite me with my first love; photography.

So much has happened these past three years in my life, let alone in the world. What life has taught me is nothing is secure or promised, so we shouldn't live like life is. Over the course of the pandemic, I started using photography for me again rather than for hire and what I've learned from this approach has been very enriching and rewarding.

First of all, when I shoot for me, I don't have to bow over to appease clients who may not think or see life as I see it. I am free to shoot as weird and as colorless as I see without ridicule. I know it is funny how my life has revolved around photography for 29 years but yet the opinion of a client who has only thought of photography as an afterthought can control my vision with our sessions.

Once I realized the value of my vision and the importance of shooting for me again, I stopped using photography as a means to make a living and started using photography as my voice.

Since this enlightenment, photography became mine again to do as I wish with it. One thing led to another, and before long, it seemed as though other people started listening to what I had to say.

Thank you!