Sardis Strip Mines

I am the first to admit that sometimes the camera gives me confidence to go places I'd normally not want to go for the sake of a good photograph. This is one of those places. The Sardis Strip mines are hard to get to.. It's isolated, off a back road, it's overgrown, it's full of snakes, ticks, briars and bugs.. but it always translates great in photos.

Sardis Strip Mines is sort of a very, well known place for the locals out this way.. the secret is knowing where to park and where to find the trail.

I started out practicing my photography out at the strip mines with my old Nikon Film Camera. there I would spend hours with several rolls of black and white film with my old dog at the time.

My favorite time to explore is the colder winter months.. where the land looks barren and you can see all the textures of the brown open fields and rolling hills... It sets the tone for great black and white photography.

I'm hoping to use this location more this coming winter for personal projects.