You will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

In some ways, I have learned from my younger self and in other ways.. I see an unaltered, innocent way I photographed as a young, upcoming, inspiring photographer. It is important to not forget the earlier images as I discover so many similarities to my current work.

The past handful of weeks I have been sorting through my earlier years of travel photography.. to where I spent the first five or so years building my portfolio with several trips spent overseas as well as all over the continental U.S.

I felt it crucial that I revisit my forgotten images of untouched, virgin files for my immature eye bypassed so many of the images that I find intriqueing today. Maybe because back then, I thought in order for an image to be good it must be complicating, complex, shot in a unique angle and frame..

Now looking back, I am seeking out the simpler, more straight forward images that require no deep pondering thoughts and ideas.. just simple human nature and captures that register to all.