'RE'discovery- MUSIC

7. 16. 21

a recent discovery on an old hard drive inspires new works

I am so excited to find that so many of the images I thought were forever lost are now found and in the process of being printed. Sure, I had some of these files in low resolution format on Facebook, so I could keep them online but they would never be of much use to print quality wise.

Thankfully, I found my old computer hard drive and hooked it up this past week to see if it still worked. To my surprise, it gave me no issues and I was able to safely retrieve all my older high resolution, unedited images from the early years of shooting band gigs and behind the scene travels on the road with my husband.

The images brought back so many memories I had forgotten about and it has inspired me to return to the live music scene, in hopes to continue to document more images to archive and print.

I wanted to share a handful of some of the images that are from early 2011.