Storybook Sessions captured as fine art documentary

This past year during the pandemic, I spent the majority of my free time going back to my roots with photography. All throughout college, I studied this medium as a fine art approach and somehow managed to find myself years later not really shooting in the style that I truly am passionate about.

Maybe it is because there isn't as much of demand for moodier, introspective images with the majority of clients. The lack of demand for fine art documentary sessions has me working on my own projects. The past several months, I have found more fulfillment in photography when I am able to work in this style and format.

My plans and hopes is that as I continue to work on my own personal vision that I will be able to eventually show more of my work with who I am to others. Hopefully this will lead to more juried art shows, publications and new clients that may be tired of the standard, mass produced portrait sessions and are ready for something different.