Photographer & Cllient Relationships


Photographers grow and evolve through life experiences but that doesn't always mean your clients will evolve and grow with you.

I had a thought the other day.. it is about the client and photographer relationship. I have been blessed over the years with loyal and supportive clients and many of them I consider dear friends.. so, of course, I want to create work for them that they love.

But what if you grow, evolve, and change over the years?? If I've learned one thing, it is clients tend to expect consistent styles and want the same approach to images as all the other sessions. After shooting in this manner for many years, I found myself feeling bored, complacent and stagnant with my work. It was no longer fulfilling and I knew this is when I would experience some resistance with the majority of my client base.

I wanted growth but did not feel the majority of my clients wanted to grow and evolve with me. It has been a bittersweet couple of years as many clients and I parted ways, but I felt I needed to evolve for me, my work, and my journey.

I felt led to follow my heart. It is as though there was a greater force pulling me in another direction and I would not be fulfilled in my work until I listened to it. It hasn't been easy but it has been rewarding. The clients that have stood by me are often innovative and creative individuals themselves. This alone has been rewarding to break away from the normal as we explore the infinite approaches that photography can offer.

I like to say, the greater the risk, the greater the reward!