Personal Projects

'Great things never came from comfort zones.'

A personal reflection with my own work as I attempt to grow and evolve as a photographer.

The past three months I have significantly taken on less clients as I have continued to shoot more personal projects for me. The down time during quarantine has somehow managed to show me what I need.

As I continue to shoot for me, I find that I am currently photographing from a place of 'comfort' and 'familiarity'. After working as a photographer for 20 years, I can see how certain photographic approaches and visions I may have developed over the years can become habitual.. which then, eventually become redundant.. to which results in burn out and complacency.

An older image, taken during my time in Turkey ten years back, has suddenly made a resurgence.. as it was accepted by a juror into an upcoming show this month in Montgomery. There were roughly 500 photographs submitted for the show and only 50 were accepted..

This recent acceptance got me thinking.. what was it about this one photograph that stood out to the judges?

It is then, that I am reminded.. I captured this image out of my comfort zone in an unfamiliar country in an unfamiliar culture. This unfamiliarity allowed me to capture a simple moment as an unaltered, genuine and fresh approach.

This year, as our country experiences so much change, I do hope that I take some time to grow and reflect on my work as I focus on getting out of my comfort zone, in return.. allowing me to grow and evolve not only as a photographer but also as an individual.