Noccalula Falls

Photography is a love affair with life.

I could not of asked for a more perfect day with fellow photographer and friend, Rhonda! We have traveled all over the world together it seems, so anytime we venture out together.. it is more than likely going to end up full of random memories and moments.

It was on a last minute whim that I asked Rhonda if she wanted to go hiking and maybe take our cameras along for the fun. She is always up for anything and instantly joined me!

I had never hiked at the Noccalula Falls park in Gadsden before but have visited a handful of times. So I was intrigued to see what the trail life was like. Rhonda new where to go and find the point of interest for us..

Some of the more remote hiking trails tended to be a little more rugged and technical with big rocks and steep incline... so I feel that these trails were more for the individual who either loves a good adventure or a challenge.. but the views were well worth the work!

To add icing on the cake, we decided to explore the base of the falls to where we came across two fly fisherman.. whom were kind enough to let us photograph them without any issues.

Not to mention, two ducks who followed us around either out of curiosity or aggression.. We couldn't quite figure out their antics...

I will treasure these photos from our outing together and thankful that I happened to have my camera along for the ride.and thankfully.. this go around, no cameras were harmed in the making!! Although, Rhonda did have a pretty close call!