New York City-PLACES

3. 3. 21

Long lost forgotten files discovered in my old external hard drive from my time in NYC 15 years ago.

Older works of a photographer can be tricky. It shouldn't be better than your more recent works but you don't want it to be terrible either. That is what I discovered with an old hidden digital folder with my ancient external hard drive. I have lost so many valuable files over the years because I didn't find the images 'worthy' or ' of value' as I advanced in photography.. Now I would give anything to have all those early years of memories return and restored onto my hard drive... as digital files are much easier to toss out than a roll of film negatives in sleeves. Thankfully, I still have all of my oldest film works tucked away in a book full of negative sleeves.

Looking at my older works really helps give me insight to my current works. I still crave candid images of people being people. I still seek out portraits of strangers, wondering what their story is and I still love to shoot spontaneously when photographing others.

With the recent resurgence of these images, I was quick to resave them and print out some of my favorite images... because chances are.. once I am long gone, my images will be too if I don't take the time to print out my work..