Mom & Dad


Because of them.. I am.

This post is dedicated to my parents, who have been there from day one. Over the years they helped shape me, guide me, encourage me and support me throughout all the doubt, struggles, decisions.. Mom and Dad.. a constant presence in my life. How fortunate I am as I realize many children do not have the privilege of having both parents involved.

As a mid-life adult in my forties.. I can look back and see all their sacrifices and commitments that they endured to make sure I was taken care of and loved unconditionally.

I know, without a doubt, without their encouragement and support in my photography.. it would have been too easy to quit or take an easier route... and when that day came when I realized being a full time wedding and portrait photographer was no longer for me.. You guessed it, my parents helped guide me, encourage me and supported my decision when it was no longer working for the benefit of my photography.

There is no such thing as a self-made man.. Every individual who has what they have or have been where they've been has unknowingly been because of the people who crossed their paths. Some helped propel them in the direction, while others were a steady hand for them. Our enemies and our friends help shape our successes.. Every yes and every no we receive. It's all part of a greater plan.