Meetings with Renee


A chance meeting with Renee finds a connection and opens a window of inspiration

Yesterday was a wet, cold, dreary morning.. I woke up like most any other morning.. but had a restlessness about me. I felt like getting out and exploring with my camera. It was my 'rest' day from marathon training.. so I always feel somewhat anxious on days I don't run.

I decided to channel some of my energy into a 'photo' day for me. I didn't really have a plan.. it was misting rain and immediately thought of some downtown locations with bridges.. so I walked around Morris Avenue and also ventured around the tunnels off of 20th street.

This is when I noticed a woman leaning against the wall. She seemed approachable and I was curious about her. She gave me her name.. It was Renee! She was very friendly and before long, she was opening up to me about her life, to which I connected with her story.. She grew up close to my hometown and is a kindred spirit with a gypsy soul.

After spending a good bit of time sitting with her and talking, I found myself hoping to see her again. We said our farewells. What intended to be a quick trip into the city ended up being an eye awakening and life changing experience for me with how connected yet separated we all are as human beings who may not always be on the same path of life.. but I guarantee you, if you sit long enough with someone else, you will find common ground.