Agriculture is the most useful, healthful, and most noble employment of man. - George Washington

Like most of my outings these days.. It usually involves going outside to explore or to the grocery store. A good bit of retail stores and restaurants are still not open due to the pandemic. My husband and I stopped at a gas station the other day from one of our adventures when I noticed the small pop up market to the side of the station.

I instantly wanted to get out of the car and have a look. My camera was still wrapped around my neck from taking photos earlier on. I walked over and noticed a man standing behind all the produce.

That's something to be proud about. All those pretty, bright, colorful vegetables.

We couldn't resist purchasing some heirloom tomatoes, some strawberries and fresh okra.

I decided to ask to take a photo of him and he willingly agreed. His name was Tommy.

Well, Tommy!! Thank you for feeding us. Farming really is a gift and something to be proud of, as we all realized the severity of a 'food shortage' with grocery stores during this unprecedented time.

I hope to return to his little market for more in the near future!