10. 9 .19

By Leigh Ann

I am so excited to partake with the upcoming album that my husband is on with Sugarcane Jane! It's always fun to see my work in print and I love how they incorporated a quick image we were able to grab a few weeks back after a show in Roswell, Georgia.

This was the first time for me to meet everyone in the band and they immediately made me feel right at home. Savana and Anthony's easy demeanor and laid back attitude automatically made me feel comfortable.

The band had just returned from a tour with Dwight Yoakam and during that time they did not have many professional photos made together as a full band. So this is when I was happy to step up and aim for at least one key shot that they may could use for promo materials and such.

So, at random, after the gig.. we spotted an old cop car on display in the parking lot and the back door just so happened to be unlocked.. so everyone quickly gathered around the car for a snap shot..

It was such a fun memory that I am happy to see them using this image for an upcoming album titled LIVE. The album is a live recording from a recent concert they did in Shreveport, Louisiana and it sounds fantastic!

I was honored to have my photo involved with this project!