Happy Anniversary


By Leigh Ann

Seven years married today! I can't believe it.. I don't know if it's because it always feels like we've been married or if it seems to have felt just a year at most. Either way, I must say being married to a rock-n-roller has its ups and downs.

He kissed me farewell earlier this morning as he left for a concert they have tonight in South Carolina but they will not stay for the duration of the festival. The band will head home immediately following the show to prepare for another festival tomorrow afternoon in South Alabama.. this is where I will meet up with him.

I wouldn't say we have the most traditional marriage.. we both tend to not seek out in life what the vast majority of society craves when it comes to our lifestyle, our goals, our future. We don't work in the corporate world, we never have considered raising a family of our own and the line of work we both have chosen for ourselves seems to have magically meshed together... while it may sound chaotic to most, it is what makes the most sense to us.

So, I would love to take a moment and pat myself and my husband on the back for keeping our eyes on the prize with the thing called love for our 7th anniversary!

When you combine two passionate, creative, willful individuals .. I think that's when you can challenge one another to be the best version of themselves.. I know Gary motivates me to stay true to myself and my art as I hope to motivate him to do the same.

I couldn't imagine going through life without him. He is the color to my monochromatic wardrobe.