G.R.I.T.S. - Storybook

4. 12. 21

Girls Raised in the South Documentary Portraits

I have recently grown very fond of street photography.. This is a genre of photography that is random and sporadic in public places both found in urban and rural communities.

Having been a photographer for well over 20 something odd years, you can understand how one may grow bored and tired of the pretty, posed and perceived as 'perfect' images that have been done year in and out for many people over the years.

I really, truly feel that I am at a point in my career that is pushing and yelling at me to challenge my vision and purpose as a photographer.

Lets face it.. There are a dime a dozen portrait 'lifestyle' photographers that are easily replaceable with the next. They do the same sessions, edit light and airy and have a similar vibe that is all often too much the same as the other.

Thankfully, I have picked up work as a showroom consultant that allows me to do my own photography style without worrying about keeping a set quota for the month. This allows me to shoot freely in a way that allows me to post work that I want to represent as me and my personal vision.. Not the vision of the 'masses'.