Goodbye Hello


What I have learned for the past couple of years about my photography, life and new beginnings as we welcome in another new year.

To say the past couple of years were rough, would be an understatement, but I must say there were some pretty amazing moments if you can look past the chaos. In so many ways, I could define this past year as one of my most successful years as a photographer because I started photographing things that I was passionate about rather than what worked best for my wallet. My work grew from a place of genuine purpose more so than any monetary and material gain. I became a respected documentary photographer within a lot of the different communities of this genre and also have a few awards under my belt that I can honestly say has been a blessing for me.

I have learned in order to be successful at anything you do in life you must first find your purpose, your vision on how you see your work and your life and not to become caught up in the vision of others with how they think your work or life would look from their perspective because if you always follow the 'masses' with how the majority thinks and sees life, you will end up with the masses and majority, having nothing really different to stand you apart.

This simple concept alone has created a deeper satisfaction than going with the flow of booking the easy gigs of pretty sessions that have always been high demand. I must admit, I have lost so many mainstream sessions but I am not after mainstream and that is what I had to remind myself during this process.

As long as I continue to believe in all my years of training, studying the art of photography, focusing on my style and the work that I am truly passionate about.. I cannot fail because at least I continue to be true to myself. If an individual likes an image because it's pretty that isn't what I am after and hoping that with time others will look for more substance with their images as well.