Friends on Film


An afternoon out with friends in the music scene captured on film in Birmingham's southside community.

Daniel Bowden, The Suburban Love Junkies, CASHBACK, Cheyloe and her Sleepless Knights, The StepDads.. the list goes on and on of so many talented faces and voices all scheduled to play in a small, eclectic and cozy downtown venue nestled away in historic 5 Points Southside.. It was screaming photos in the back of my mind.. so I knew from the get-go to bring some film and a fun attitude!

My husband was one of musicians set to play so we decided to make a day of it. Being there with all of our friends in support of live music was a great way to spend a Saturday. I have discovered that when I am out for my own personal reasons, I have grown fond of having my film camera on hand. It feels nostalgic to me and reminds me of the days when my friends and I would all have our 'disposable' cameras when we would go out on the weekends.

Getting to relive these moments again several days later is what makes shooting film so exciting. I have gathered that I really lose being in the moment when people can instantaneously see the image and attempt to retake the same image three or four different times trying to get it right. This alone has helped me realize that so many honest and real moments are lost when you spend more time trying to 'create perfection' rather than just shoot a moment because it speaks to you.