Five Mile Creek

"Play is the highest form of research." -Albert Einstein

A visit to my favorite creek ends up meeting some new faces.

It sure was a hot evening yesterday.. so after a long, busy day in the office, I decided that my dogs and myself needed to decompress. So I loaded them up and headed to my favorite swimming hole. I grabbed my camera at the last minute because I felt compelled to take a few shots of my pups, Millie and Lola.

We parked shortly after.. the heat from the parking lot soaked through my shoes and I knew that water was going to feel great. I heard a splash from afar and that's when I knew we'd have company today.

I walked down the hill and saw a handful of kids swinging from the old rope swing. I remember swinging from that thing at least over 20 years ago.. Surely, it's not the original swing..

The kids were excited to see me and the dogs coming down the hill and they welcomed my old self and allowed me to photograph them.

It was nice to be reminded how carefree it can be to be young once again. I hung out for probably about an hour or so as my dogs swam and enjoyed all the activity around them. It was just one of those moments where I had my camera and the moments presented themselves to me.

I had a great time becoming a big kid again. It was very much needed!