The recent loss of my longtime companion, Lola, has me reflecting on all our photo adventures.

I truly am at a loss at the moment and am still trying to process how my longtime companion, Lola, is no longer by my side after 12 years. Not only was she a large part of my life but she was also 12 years of constant companionship, loyalty, and friendship. There weren't many places I would go without her seen far from where I was.

Photography is not going to be the same without her. My walks with her and Millie were walks that I came to look forward to. With the two of them together, I felt like I could approach anyone. They gave me the confidence I needed to explore without fear or hesitation in my photography.

A huge piece of me was taken when she was. I am still in the process of grieving and trying to find peace and understanding as to why these things must happen. I do find comfort in my images, in our memories and in knowing that she was and will always remain a huge part of who I am.

Her physical body may be no longer but her spirit is ever here with me as I will continue to feel her close..