Dog Park Therapy


Finding comfort in other dog owner's joy and connection with their pets.

Since Lola's death, I have been taking Millie every evening to watch the dogs play at the local dog park.. although she does not participate, I do see a slight difference in her demeanor.

I decided to start taking my camera to document Millie, the dogs, and their owners. I do feel it helps me heal and reminds me that dogs and their owners have a bond that you can not explain to someone who has never experienced this before.. and right now, it is important for me to surround myself with those who who get it and who know what it is like to love and connect to something beyond human..

Right now, I am using photography as a means of coping, growing and understanding with my current situation. It is through my observations of like-minded dog lovers, I am finding peace.

It helps me to appreciate the time I did share with Lola all the while, allowing me to be thankful for Millie and the time I have with her. Our furry companions teach us so much. Live in the moment, love unconditionally and never meet a stranger.