I feel most connected to people and community when I am able to photograph others.

When life becomes hectic.. typically around the months of October through December, I tend to shoot less for my own portfolio. Finding the motivation and time is important. I missed many photo opps this fall due to a busier schedule.. BUT.. when I discovered the Russian Orthodox Church in my community was having their bake sale after a three year hiatus, it somehow motivated me to stop by with my camera.

I have been documenting this small, quaint town for the past three years and have come to know many of the locals. It has also given me the opportunity to meet and speak with many new faces that drive in for church.

Photography has always been a way to get me out there, to meet people, to become involved and learn about others. It rarely has to do with the photos themselves, this is just a by-product that I am fortunate to have to share with future generations.