Client Appreciation


I have worked with talented Grammy award winning musician, Dave Crenshaw, for the past several years and this is what I have to say..

Birmingham native, Dave Crenshaw.. if his name doesn't sound familiar, it should. He has been gracing his talents and gifts for the past couple of decades as a local and international touring musician. He has worked alongside some of the most talented artist in the industry as a producer, singer and songwriter. He does it all!

I am so thankful our paths crossed over 10 years ago as he is the true example with how creativity is a lifestyle, it is who you are and what you do. It is your purpose and your passion.. your life, essentially.

Dave is tirelessly working and striving to always better himself, create work and support others with their creative endeavors. I am honored that I get to document his journey in this world and am thankful that he is supportive of my vision and that he trust my vision and direction.

To be honest, he is the ultimate client when it comes to trusting me, my vision and my work. He lets me be me and for this, I am thankful. It is very rare for a photographer to come on a job and be set free... and for this, I know he will always get the true, authentic, version with who I am and how I see.