CashBack Series

10. 12. 19

By Leigh Ann

It seems that there will be months that I don't take one photo with any of ongoing shows in the music scene and then there are some months that it seems that is the bulk of my work. I guess that is how the creative cycle works.

The 48th annual Kentuck Festival was this past weekend. Gary was performing in the CashBack Music group this go around. They are a fantastic tribute band of the late, great Johnny Cash. Leif Bonderenko is on vocals and it is amazing how Leif sounds almost like Johnny Cash himself.. Well.. I will go as far as saying if my eyes were shut, I couldn't tell them apart. That is how GOOD this guy sounds!

This group has only gotten rave reviews, so, I definently didn't want to miss this show! I'm a huge Johnny Cash fan and have always enjoyed hearing them perform all of his classic hits and then some. I decided with it being a festival and all that I would take my camera. I didn't want to not take advantage of the fun environment and it always seems that I wish I had my camera more than not have had my camera.

Well, to make a long story short. I am glad I brought my camera. I was able to grab some updated shots of these guys, be involved with the behind the scene action and see some familiar faces while meeting some new ones.