Cahaba River


A weekend afternoon spent on the river as I document my observations

I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of shooting black and white film during my time exploring off the beaten paths in and around the small towns of Alabama. It seems that the process of shooting film helps me enjoy the moment as I leave my digital gear at the comfort of home.

Making my mind up to shoot my personal work on film helps create that much needed separation of work -vs- play. When I have my film camera it allows me to feel okay to play with less stress and knowing that I have a limited amount of images I can only shoot, it helps me to not get into 'work' mode too much, so I therefore shoot less as well.

The Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge is a great place to hang out for the day. My husband packed a cooler, lawn chairs and the pups and headed that way. I grabbed my camera and a couple rolls of film and the car keys and we were off.

The river is a great place for photos. There is so much character and charm found there from the locals hanging out swimming and boating to the individuals grilling out and listening to their music. I was standing on the shoreline when I noticed a young woman with several children. She looked as though she had her hands full but I took notice that all the children were helping one another walk carefully into the river. It was a sweet moment that I thought was work capturing.

I am hoping to be able to continue documenting my different outings, not for others but more so for the memory of it all. It was a good day of living and of enjoying simple pleasures.