Baptism Documentary


Documenting a baptism at the Holy Trinity + Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church

The past week I was hired to document another baptism for the Holy Trinity + Holy Cross Greek Orthodox church. I always enjoy capturing the intricate and intimate moments of a baptism. The traditions and sacredness of the event has always inspired me to create work that counts. Having the opportunity to be a fly on the wall has always been my strength in photography because I am able to take moments that inspire me and capture them. Sessions where I must create moments and control situations just never have the same impact as the organic sessions.

For this very reason, the majority of my bookings that I do take on for select clients are for these type of documentary sessions. I truly feel the client receives more value and I produce more valuable work because this is what I feel is my calling.

I am always eternally grateful for clients who do appreciate what I do and understand what I do and do look forward to booking more documentary sessions in the near future.