By Leigh Ann

Throughout my career as a freelance photographer I have been experienced life all over the world. which in return has given me more knowledge and appreciation for my own hometown. I have always heard 'in order for one to know where they truly belong, they must travel.'

There is so much truth to that! When people ask if I plan on staying in my hometown.. it is without question that I simply reply, 'Yes, ofcourse!."

Having the insight on what it's like in other areas of our country and in other countries has only validated that home is where your loved ones are. It's something to experience a majestic sunrise over the black sea or walk the ancient cobblestone streets where Roman Empires once tread.. but if you don't have a community of support and belonging, it just doesn't feel validated in my opinion.

Over the handful of years, I can't help but notice how much growth and progress our own small city in Alabama has become. There are new businesses opening up in all areas, there is construction and growth in the city center and an overall community vibe in the heart of downtown.

I want to grown where I was planted and hopefully help take part with the revitalization of our beloved city, Birmingham!